What is kannab.is?

kannab.is is the marketplace and last-mile delivery platform built for brands to tell their story, display their products, and reach consumers that you’ve never connected before.

Work with kannab.is

kannab.is is built for you and your brand.
Let’s bring your vision to life, together.

Invest in kannab.is

kannab.is is transforming the future of wellness with technology, selection and last mile delivery experience.

kannab.is means business

kannab.is takes complexity and costs out of your organization, freeing up resources to invest in your vision and business development.

  • Expand your effective reach
  • Elevate your customer experience
  • Data and insight tools to build it right

kannab.is means brand building

kannab.is is a state-of-the-art platform that serves your brand with a sophisticated and elegant digital storefront, content features, consumer targeting tools, and more.

  • Your branded store
  • Granular targeting tools
  • Analytics and Insights

kannab.is means growth

kannab.is platform is built for growth, and its foundation is designed to scale as fast as your business needs.

  • Fastest Delivery
  • Subscriptions and Scheduling
  • Cashless Transactions

kannab.is Values


Blend an element of surprise to all touchpoints, share moments be memorable


We’re a companion to the people we serve and signed up for a life-long journey


Care about people, environment, and all that surrounds us


Always one step ahead, never wait to do what needs to be done


Learn something new everyday, and remain chronically curious